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E-Ton Solar Tech

President Stephen S.C.Wu

Message to young people
You should enhance your merits and strengthen yourself while considering your passions. You should establish your will and attain your goal and ideal by making strenuous efforts.

I grew up in an ordinary family. I helped out in my father’s sundry goods shop from childhood. My mother died when I was a child. I was their eldest child and I had to take care of four younger brothers and sisters. As a result, I came to have a strong independent mind. I performed well from elementary school through my days at university and in laboratories.

When I was a university student and a laboratory worker, I simultaneously worked as a tutor and a part-timer to lessen my father’s financial burden. I dreamed of becoming a scientist when I was an elementary school student, but after I entered a junior high school, I decided to be an engineer in light of the hard economic situation of my family. That is why I wasted no time in deciding to major in mechanical engineering at my university.

There were seven to eight alternatives when I started my professional career. Actually, I chose a company where I could obtain practical factory experience and improve my technological knowledge rather than a company with a high salary. At that time, I was thinking about how we could contribute to improving the global environment amid environmental pollution and damage to the ecological system. This led me to the industry where I am currently doing business. I once worked as a factory manager at the mechanical business department of a Taiwanese plastics maker. This helped me obtain knowledge about business operations and management.

After working with the company for six years, I launched a plant to manufacture automotive components along with a friend. This was the first step for me to enter into business. Cooperation with my friend helped me overcome an initial crisis by containing investment risk and securing necessary funds. The hardest challenge since I started my business was inadequate staffing, which caused damage to my company. I rebuilt my company within the shortest possible period of time by positioning managers at necessary posts. My success can be attributed to honesty, a broad vision, a strong will and a firm resolve not to give up.

We are hoping to become an internationally known solar cell panel maker by continuing new product development and further increasing the quality of our products. Japan is a front-runner in the market of environmentally friendly technologies and products. Japan has made the maximum possible effort to use its technological knowhow for preserving the global environment. The importance of solar energy in the Japanese market is drawing increasing attention. We expect our products will be acknowledged in the Japanese market in the future.

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E-Ton Solar Tech
Solar cell panel maker