100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2014 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

PT Mustika Ratu

CEO & President

Mooryati Soedibyo

Message to young people
Always train physically and mentally. Always strive to learn and acquire new knowledge. Never give up and aim high.

I was raised by my grandparents as my parents worked far from home. My parents wanted me brought up in a "kraton," a palace. My father was a mayor of the Brebes area of Indonesia. In kraton, I leaned the use of courteous language, dance, cooking and traditional culture. When Sukarno was president, I admired female diplomats who were traveling around the world, so I studied English at university.

In 1973, my husband quit his job and I had to work for my children. I recalled plants and spices I leaned when I was a child. I had been drinking the Indonesian herb “jamu” and I had been taught how to make jamu and how to grow plants by housewives in my neighborhood. That was the very beginning of my business. Most of the housewives bought my jamu as making jamu is cumbersome. To start with, I made a drink called “beras kencur” that is made from kencur’s root, turmeric, clover and palm sugar. I started to receive many orders for this drink and it became a small family business. I hired two maids and made jamu in the garage, with the bottles sometimes piling up all the way into the living room.

In the early days, I used normal bottles to sell the products as I had not established any brands yet. I also made pills and medicine. My mother used to wash her hair with an herb called “merang.” After roasting merang twigs for two days, she extracted the liquid from it to wash her hair and she had shiny hair with no gray, even after she become older. So I developed a shampoo that contains merang and many herbal cosmetics.

I have realized my dreams, but I still have lots of other dreams. One of them is to expand my overseas business further. In this age of globalization, I would like to introduce the goodness of herbs and spices to more people around the world.

Company Profile

PT Mustika Ratu
Manufacturing, development and sales of beauty products; spa operator