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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

CEO Eric Cheng

Hong Kong
Message to young people
Don’t let failure pull you down. When you fail, you must try again. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It is important to be hardworking no matter what field you are in.

I have been interested in science and technology since I was a child. I used to disassemble items at home and then re-assemble them. As I grew older, I bought electronic components, designed electronic circuitry and actually made things. However, I was never able to narrow down a research subject, and thus deciding on a research theme was my challenge.

Upon graduation from university, I began working for a company in Britain. I was in a department making cars and airplanes and my interest in manufacturing grew big. I came back to Hong Kong and continued research on electrical engineering. As a professor, I was then working for an expert on electric vehicles and I decided to research such vehicles. I finally found my research theme, but there were no examples I could refer to on electric vehicles in Hong Kong. My research started from scratch. Everything was a challenge.

Our research had many problems in charging the battery. We needed to take extra care of the electric current, small devices and other details. Normal research institutes would consider it a success to make a machine and make it work, but we are different. We check many details such as operability, durability and other points before we release a product to the market.

We have developed, manufactured and sold “tanker” two-seater cars, but we would like to make four-seater cars and others with more power. We would also like to establish our brand not only in Hong Kong but also in China, Japan and all over Asia.

Company Profile

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong
Developing, manufacturing and selling electric vehicles