100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2014 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Xenlon International

CEO Masahiro Nakata

Kanagawa Prefecture
Message to young people
There is a lot of information available from mass media such as television and newspapers nowadays. This information is often modified and one-sided, so I would like you to use your judgment to decide whether such information is true or not. You will decide your own path in life. Don’t let anybody or anything else decide it for you. Please study, make careful decisions and work to make Japan a better place.

I was very shy when I was little. After graduating from university, I worked at an insurance company to gain experience as a businessman and study how companies work, but I had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur. I began thinking it was not good for me to conform to a strict corporate culture, so I decided to change my job and entered the company my father ran.

At that time, my father’s business was changing and he wanted to start a new business operating a luxurious Chinese restaurant in a hotel. I had a burning desire to run the business and took the initiative to make it happen.

I opened China Grill Xenlon Tokyo in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and I worked on combining Chinese cuisine with wine as I wanted to change the image of Chinese food. Back then, people thought that wine was for Western food and rice wine or beer was for Chinese food. My plan faced a lot of criticism, but I insisted that products single-mindedly made by companies and individuals must be of good quality. We understood that idea and we put all our efforts into making Chinese cuisine and the restaurant a success.

I believe dining is not only about satisfying hunger, but also about having a fashionable experience while eating. I think it’s more fashionable to eat while holding a glass of fine wine, rather than rice wine. I believe it’s really important to provide a fashionable experience at a reasonable price.

There was a good business climate when I started my own company and I did not have difficulty collecting money for my initial investment. But it was not easy to create a strong company and I came to realize that trusting people and giving them the freedom to do their jobs is difficult.

From now on being healthy and staying young will be the new focus. People nowadays tend to unnecessarily overeat. Therefore, we have developed a supplement to excrete excess nutrients from human body. Now is the time this kind of product is needed and I want to make it easily available to customers.

Company Profile

Xenlon International
Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Operating restaurants, shops selling food, tea and other goods