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CARNA MED Cancer Medical Clinic


Yoshinori Takayanagi

Message to young people
I would like you to choose at least one thing you like. Then find something about it to make you think “why.” Dig deep on the “why” and study what you don’t understand diligently. You must gather as much information as possible to find something new that is good not only for you, but also the world. I would like to say that perseverance makes you stronger and we tend to be good at things we like.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the conventional methods of treating cancer. But they are often not the best cancer treatments. These methods sometimes have severe side effects, which may be life-threatening in some cases. Chemotherapy is not necessarily the best solution. Some 80 percent of cancer drugs have no effect and doctors routinely prescribe multiple drugs in the hope that some of them will work.

But my clinic specializes in two alternative cancer treatments: immune cell (immunotherapy) and genetic therapy treatments.

Immunotherapy, the so-called fourth treatment, is like a custom treatment for each patient. It involves taking cells from a patient's body, cultivating them into immune cells and reintroducing them back into the patient. Immunotherapy has no side effects, but it is not covered by national health insurance.

However, immunotherapy is expensive, with the necessary equipment easily costing ¥100 million. The treatment also requires hiring people to manage cell cultivation. Still, I opted for this method, simply because it’s the treatment I would want for myself and my family.

IGene therapy is another treatment option I offer my patients. Genetic therapy involves injecting adenovirus containing the so-called p53 gene, or “cancer seppuku” gene. This treatment, like immunotherapy, is not covered by national health insurance. Unlike immunotherapy, it does have slight side effects, with the most common being mild cold-like symptoms.

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CARNA MED Cancer Medical Clinic
Sapporo, Hokkaido Pref.
Medicine, treatment for cancer