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Samitivej PCL (Samitivej Hospitals)

Managing Director & CEO
Raymond Chong

Message to young people
Do your job with passion and pleasure. You cannot feel happy if you do your job from nine-to-five only to meet the expectations of others. The happiness in life begins with your enjoying your life. Have a fun time while associating with your family or friends, doing your job or playing sports. Try to develop a fondness for what you are doing and share your passion with others. There is no such thing as a perfect job, a perfect world and a perfect environment. Adapt yourself to the place where you are so that you can enjoy your life and then you can lead a satisfactory professional and personal life.

I was born and raised in an ordinary family, a family of five – father, mother and three children. I am the eldest son and have a younger brother and a sister. My parents did not receive higher education and taught us in our childhood to be self-reliant. I graduated from a university in Australia. In my high school days, I wanted to become an architect, but the admission to the faculty of architecture was costly and it took five years to earn a degree. So, I chose to specialize in finance.

Upon graduating from the university, I opted to join any big-name corporation, like many others. Luckily, I was hired by an international accounting firm and there I had the chance to observe various corporations in various industries, including pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Later, I was tempted to change my job to one in which I could directly associate myself with people. I happened to obtain the opportunity to work for a major Australian operator of a group of hospitals. Since then, I have been involved in the health-care industry and hospital management.

When the Samitivej hospital group approached to recruit me, I was impressed by the uniqueness of the organization as a corporation and as a hospital. Samitivej has a long history of more than 30 years and its team of doctors and medical staff is bound by the unique corporate culture. I began to think that I could manage this organization in the direction of providing higher-quality medical services to its patients more effectively and that I could contribute to the materialization of this hospital chain’s mission.

One of the biggest challenges at the time of assuming the top position of this corporation was the language barrier. It may be difficult for a manager fresh from another country to win the confidence of local staff without speaking their mother language. However, I could build confidence with my fellow workers by showing my passion for the job and my strong will to communicate with them.

Medical services are constantly in the process of evolution, so, too, is the health-care service at the Samitivej hospitals. On account of advanced technologies, we could introduce a system to enable our doctors to communicate via the Internet with our patients who are at home, or we could team up with doctors at local clinics hundreds of kilometers away from our hospitals. I would like to create a system in which we could provide followup health-care services to foreign patients even after they return to their home countries.

Company Profile

Samitivej PCL (Samitivej Hospitals)
Operator of a group of hospitals