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Macroblock Inc.

President Yang Li Chang

Message to young people
Explore an idea that is different from others and take action while keeping an eye on your goal.

My father ran a furniture business. I have a younger brother and a younger sister, and we have all worked at laboratories in America. When I started to work, I had wanted to open a Seven-Eleven store. Seven-Eleven franchisees were limited in Taiwan at that time and the business was thought to be profitable.

I founded my company on June 25, 1999. The light-emitting diode (LED) industry had already been growing rapidly. It motivated me to launch my business. A blue LED was developed by Nichia Corp. of Japan in 1993, while blue and white LEDs coated with a yellow fluorescent agent were developed between 1995 and 1997. I believed these two achievements would pave the way for LEDs to expand demand for integrated circuits (ICs). Research and development for ink-jet drive wafers based on microelectronic technology was also making progress with a government subsidy. This is why my company focused on the IC business using LEDs and products related to ink-jet drive wafers as its main pillars.

My company initially had a staff of 20 to 30 employees. The ink-jet drive wafer business did not go well. In 2003, four years after I launched my business, the company faced a very difficult situation in terms of management. Because we continued to invest in research and product improvement, we ran into a fund shortage. Our excessive focus on research and development made it difficult for us to expand our actual business. We had to change our management drastically. The company was on the brink of death.

Despite that, one company continued to invest in us. The president of the company advised me to introduce a well-experienced supervisor. We restructured the family-based board of directors. We accepted two talented experts as independent members of the board. This made it possible to increase the supervising capability of the board. To be successful in business, we needed the ability to develop strategies carefully and the will to implement those plans. Through four years of effort, we improved our management system and created an environment in which all staff can play a role.

We hope to continue to manufacture LED lighting and LED backlight products. We would like to expand into new markets such as the United States, European countries, China, Japan and South Korea. Taiwan’s component manufacturing industry has become fully matured, so cooperation between Japan and Taiwan should benefit both sides.

Company Profile

Macroblock Inc.
Testing and research and development for integrated circuits, wholesale of electronic materials, designing of product packages