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Tongxiang Normandi Leather Garments Co.

CEO Wu Jianming

Zhejiang / China
Message to young people
First make friends and take a cordial attitude to them without asking for anything in return. Don’t give up but pursue your way, then you will become successful.

I was born into and grew up in a poor farming family. My first dream as a primary school student was to make money as soon as possible and then take my mother to Hangzhou.

Then I dreamed of starting my own business when I was in high school, but I did not put it into practice. I spent a year not working and doing nothing special after graduating from high school. Then I went back to school, attending a university just because I wanted to make money and get a good job, but I faced the harsh reality that it was very difficult to find a job even after graduating from a university under the social circumstances of that time.

After graduation, I waited for an opportunity to come where I could start my own business. People gave me advice and suggestions, and they offered me several options: restaurant, tailor, hair salon, and so on. But I didn’t choose any of them.

One day, my friend asked me what was the most characteristic thing in the town. I answered that it was leather products. Then he recommended me to start a business in that industry as I should know some people in the industry. Thus, it would be easier for me to go into the leather industry. That had motivated me to start handling leather products as my own business.

I didn’t have enough funds or any trade connections at first, so our factory was offered just processing work forwarded from other factories. As a newcomer to the industry, I faced and had to struggle with many difficulties. I didn’t have enough credit at that time, so my first client really wondered if I could manage to deliver the products as contracted. We received the first order by stating that the charge would be waived if we couldn’t make it by the due date. I did my best to complete the order without wasting even one minute. When we completed the delivery, the client offered us another order. The experience still remains a vivid and unforgettable memory.

While globalization progresses rapidly, our international trade is not going so well. So we are now focusing on the domestic market, a huge market. We are also thinking that we will collaborate with talented Japanese designers and management to work well together to develop the Chinese market in the near future.

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Tongxiang Normandi Leather Garments Co.
Design, manufacture and sale of leather products