100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2013 -The region's best brightest, most promising-


CEO Choi Young

South Korea
Message to young people
A clear goal, passion, a spirit of taking on challenges. Any person doing business must have a clear goal. You will surely obtain a good result if you push through to the details. If you have a dream, please strive to realize the dream.

My father was an elementary school principal. I was the youngest of four girls. Influenced by my father when I was an elementary school pupil, I dreamed of being a teacher. I remember when I was asked by a friend before graduating from a junior high school what I wanted to be, I replied I wanted to be a businesswoman. It cannot remember exactly, but maybe I just thought it would be cool.

I worked as an interpreter when I was a university student. I worked for a person with a trading business and had fun with this job as an interpreter. When I started my career, I established a goal of becoming an expert of the highest level in the field where I work. I tried two or three times more than other people, studying by myself at the office after business hours. At present, I focus on the goal of fulfilling my responsibility to society rather than my initial personal goal. I gradually became aware of the threats to the natural environment amid global warming. Then I came to believe that products related to the global environment may have growth potentials.

I started my business without a serious plan. I received hard responses from customers when I released our products on the market. The initial bitter experience woke me up. This prompted me to lead our product development personally. I also tested our products by actually using them from the position of customers. Our constant efforts to upgrade our products enabled us to establish Babyan as the No. 1 brand.

I decided to launch my business when I was working in a very favorable position at the company. After racking my brain, I made up my mind to leave the company. I firmly believed that the position vacated by my departure would be fully covered by my colleagues.

When I started my business, I was utterly inexperienced in management. I was always worrying whether my business was going in a right direction. Our best successful products include what we call Peanut Diaper and All-in-One Diaper. The former product grew quickly because it was based on a Korean tradition but more user-friendly. The convenience of latter product caught on well with new-generation mothers. We continued our business with our own marketing tools aimed at longer-term sustainable product development and market expansion rather than a policy of seeking quick profits. I think this is a reason for our success.

We hope to make our company the No. 1 diaper brand in Asia in five years’ time. We also hope to be a leading cloth diaper brand in the world within 10 years.

Company Profile

South Korea
Manufacture and distribution of high-function cloth diapers and high-function products for infants.