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Shiba Management Legal Office

CEO Akihiko Shiba

Message to young people
“Good can come out of misfortune.” Like me, you may have a major failure, but if you give yourself a second chance to move forward, people will see you try hard and the bright future will open a door for you. Don’t be afraid of failure. Challenge many things. The world will become smaller and smaller. Be ambitious. Go out in the world to have lots of experiences. Train yourself to have the experience and the guts to take on global rivals. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

As a child, I was shy and not good at getting along with people at first. But I was athletic and academically decent, and thus I was getting chances to play the role of leader. Then as a high school student I was lucky to spend a year with a host family in the U.S., which broadened my view. When I was at the University of Tokyo, I joined an American football club. In the club, I had great experiences such as working together with teammates to ascend to a higher league. I didn't think about joining the police at first, but I decided to do so because I liked the police agency’s atmosphere that was similar to a sports club and its mission to protect society.

At the National Police Agency, my job mainly dealt with countermeasures against spies and terrorism. I thought it was my calling because of the large scale of the job. But I had to resign because I was involved in scandals that the police as an organization was involved in.

That was the biggest turning point in my life. I didn’t want to quit the police, but I had to. I was at the lowest point in my life, but that taught me to appreciate true friendship. Especially, my wife, who was then my girlfriend, supported me and her support made me who I am now. I can never forget her tears when I told her I had to resign from the police. But life is interesting. I was blessed with a God-given second chance. Using the failure as a lesson, I secretly think that I am making contributions to society as a lawyer.

After leaving the police, I studied for a bar exam and passed it. In looking for a job as a lawyer, I had another turning point when I met Mr. Tadashi Kunihiro of T. Kunihiro & Co. Attorneys-at-Law. The law firm specializes in providing advice on compliance and risk management.

I learned risk management there. I learned the basic know-how of risk management. Mr. Kunihiro was a great man and great lawyer. I like the idea of specializing in risk management because I could draw upon my own experiences at the police agency.

I’m in the business of advising risk management in case of scandal manifestations and other crises, and the most important thing about my job is, I think, to say what I have to say to clients, even if that’s not what they want to hear. When scandals happen, clients must somehow bleed; they have to come clean and go public with the truth, and punish people responsible. The keyword for compliance is transparency.

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