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Jin Orthopaedic Clinic

CEOYasutomo Matsubayashi

Message to young people
Have limitless dreams and hope. Do not put a lid on them. Dreams and hope will definitely come true if you try hard, no matter how difficult they seem. Let’s pursue them together.

My parents were doctors of internal medicine and they had their own clinic. I was usually playing with toys at a corner of a diagnosis room. I saw my parents work all the time, as they worked when they received calls from patients at night. I did nothing but insect collecting from morning to evening during the summer holidays. I knew everything about insects. I preferred science and math to literature and the humanities because questions of the former immediately have corresponding answers. But in my junior year of high school, I could not answer my friend’s question, “Why is it necessary to go to a good university?” I couldn’t concentrate on studying after that and my grades declined rapidly. As a result, I failed entrance exams. I searched for the answer to my friend’s question by studying for exams and studying about society in Tokyo. I think there are infinite answers to that question. I came to believe that thinking it through by spending time would become my version of the correct answer.

My parents had their own clinic, but I had thought, since I was a junior high school student, that I would never want to become a doctor. I wanted to decide my own destiny. Not knowing what I wanted to do in the future, I had attempted to leave home. One day, my father caught a cold and was receiving an IV drip at home. He said to me, “If you have another talent and want to go for it, you don’t have to become a doctor.” I felt a lump in my throat. That was the moment that I realized that I respected my parents and their hard work as doctors and was proud of them. That was also the moment I decided to become a doctor.

In orthopedics, unlike some branches of medicine, the patients treated do not have cancer or any other serious conditions. Orthopedics treats injuries or diseases related to bones, muscles and joints. This means orthopedics gets immediate answers, and thus I feel a certain amount of achievement doing my job. The reason I wanted to have my own clinic is that I thought about building trust with patients. Having my own clinic means I am determined to set foot in the location until I die. It also means my patients and I will not lose the trusting relationship with each other because I won’t be transferred to another place. I thought I needed to put myself in a position in which I cannot run away and that’s why I decided to have my own clinic.

I always think of creating something new by putting together medicine, dietary health, music, movies, horse racing and agriculture. Also, I want to contribute to world peace. For example, we are holding charity concerts locally, but I want to expand it nationwide and worldwide. I want to bring happiness to as many people in the world as possible.

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Jin Orthopaedic Clinic
Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
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