100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Kaitaku Juku

CEO Ryuma Okada

Message to young people
I want the youth to place high hopes on themselves. Even if people tell you "impossible," please keep your confidence. Though it might be a 1 percent possibility, I want you to step forward and cherish your motivation to try.

I used to be naughty in my childhood, but I made up my mind when I was in the sixth grade not to be naughty anymore. At that time it was normal for smart students to go to private schools, but I found out that I was too poor to go there. When I realized that, I made up my mind to go to the University of Tokyo from public school and catch up with the state of wealthy students. When I become a junior high school student, I spent every day studying. However, when I entered the second year of junior high school, I had to move to Aichi because of my father’s job. I begged my father to let me stay in Tokyo, but he never accepted it. Since then, I had lost my big dream and stopped studying. Even after I became a high school and university student, my motivation did not change at all, and I spent quite a lazy student life.

When I looked for a job, the thing I was thinking was not “what a company wants to do” but “what I want to do.” While I have the confidence to play an important role once I became serious, I was not in fact sure if I could really become serious. Since I changed schools, I had never been serious about anything. Having such an anxiety if I could get back to the state of my childhood, I started job hunting. Since I was not specialized in any business field, by chance I started working as a teacher in a cram school. Although I regarded teaching as an easy job, I found the difficulty of it. That was the trigger to make me seriously motivated. Originally, I had been determined to found a company after I worked for three years as a businessman. Thus, I performed as promised. Having quite a little funding, I founded a company with my friend. He was the one that I promised to make our own business together when we were in high school.

“Working is to make people happy” is my motto. Literally, I would like to make people happy by working and also, as a teacher in a cram school, I would like to help my students pass the tests to enter their preferred schools and give them some pleasures. Also the presence of my staff means much to me, which can bring me motivation. Even if I enthusiastically tell other people “Challenge anything!” and “Live with your own goals,” it does not mean anything if the one saying it does not do so. This is why we set our strong vision, which is that teachers and bosses should demonstrate by their actions without any words toward their students and followers.

In years to come, we would like to maintain our high pass rates for exams or challenge for even higher pass rates. For me, being a member of society was a stage for a consolation game. I could overcome myself, after I had been losing motivation since I was in the second year of junior high school. No matter how many times I lost, I could reset it. To behave as a member of society is always a consolation match for me.


Kaitaku Juku
Prep schools for students from the fifth to twelfth grade