100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

TSS-Shanghai Xinfan Container Fittings Co.

CEO Lifeng Weng

Message to young people
Competition is fierce for today’s young generation. But first, you must relax and think over things with a cool head. By doing so, you can make rational choices, and everything will go in your favor. In such a manner, you will be able to make positive advances toward your future.

I loved art since I was small, and studied art until high school. From there, I studied abroad at the Hungarian National Academy of Fine Arts. While there, I studied English, art and European history. My major at the time was industrial design.

I had a considerable amount of free time while I was in Hungary and worked at McDonald’s to gain real-world working experience. I later received an MBA in Shanghai and went on to work for a brokerage firm in order to do something more closely related to the economy.

My family’s business was doing well, and after I gained my MBA, I naturally took over the helm. When I became CEO, I fought strongly for the firm to set its sights overseas. At first, my father was not in favor of my decision; the company had grown by following its old model and my father was not willing to take a risk. However, I decided to go forward with my plans. In the end, I believe it was a good decision since the company grew afterward.

What’s important for a company is to truly globalize. My goal is to open branches overseas and trade in all major markets around the world. In addition, I would like to produce a variety of products, as it is hard for a company to thrive on one single product.


TSS-Shanghai Xinfan Container Fittings Co.
Manufacturing and sales of containers, plastics, metal sheets