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Fuji Beauty

Representative Director
Yuri Takano

Niigata Prefecture
Message to young people
Those who dislike working can never become fortunate. Try to find what you are good at and then work three times as hard as the people around you. Make it a life where, when you die, you are able to say while closing your eyes, “I did my best,” and, “I was so fortunate.”

Since I was raised by my foster mother I didn't look like her, but I remember being very proud when I was with her, as she was beautiful and tall compared to other women back then. I yearned for my mother and because of her I was drawn to beautiful things. I first found out that I was adopted when I was in high school. I thought of different ways to make my mother worry, but with age, the feeling of gratitude for raising me became stronger. My mother raised me as a single mother and she recommended me to acquire a specific skill where I could raise a child on my own if I ever needed to. I was determined that if I was going to do it, I was going to be the best at it. With that in mind, I decided to devote myself in becoming a hairdresser. In the afternoon I worked as an apprentice for a hairdresser and at night, I was a part-time high school student.

I often faced difficult times while going to school and working as a hairdresser at the same time. Since I still didn't know a lot of things about my job, with no further delay, I wanted to be to the best at my job. When I finally fulfilled my goal of becoming a hairdresser and was able to work in the store, I worked at a different hairdresser on my days off, worked part time washing dishes during the night and worked just as hard as anyone else. One day when I briefly took a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I noticed my face was covered by acne. Finally, after much agonizing, I took myself to a cosmetics store. Then one day, I got enough courage to go up to the beauty adviser and asked, “Can I do the same job as you?” This is when I got the opportunity to work for a cosmetics company.

While working and gaining experience at the cosmetics company, I learned that women are living beings that buy dreams. With this in mind, I then flew to Bali, where aesthetic salons were trendy. I learned the different techniques. When I came back, I first started selling facial equipment and with the money I saved from that, I then opened “Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic” in September of 1978.

My job is to succeed and to inspire. I believe that when my life is helpful to someone that is when I find out my life’s value. Life has no limits depending on your visualization. If you want to succeed, I think you can do whatever you want. Like myself, I would like everyone to challenge themselves.

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Fuji Beauty
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