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Alloy Batteries

CEO Yoshinobu Shimoitani

Message to young people
Live straight without looking aside. If you always think about what is more profitable, your mental strength will go away, so I think it is important to live straight. Hang on with such a mind-set!

I was the youngest of four brothers. As I was born before the end of the war, people were short of food and I used to eat the distributed dry corn rations, which was the leftover after oil was extracted from the corn. My family ran a company that processed cemented carbide, so I went to school and helped my family’s business. As I had always seen how my father ran his company, I became strongly influenced toward business management. My father had a patent for a metallic cutter, so his company was not a subcontractor and he could make his living. After I graduated from high school, I started working for the family company. Originally, our company used to purchase cemented carbide from other companies. However, we succeeded in producing and developing it ourselves when I was 27, so we could switch to our own product. As producing cemented carbide was at the forefront of the industry, we could have new clients from new businesses and grow our company.

Due to our organizational problems, our sales declined and we made up our mind to segregate the production section from the processing section. In 1974, when I was 34, I established the Alloy Industries Co., Ltd. as a specialized trading company producing cemented carbide.

I made Alloy Industries Co., Ltd. a specialized cemented carbide company as it was an advanced technology to help recover the business performance. However, the sales of cemented carbide industrywide slumped to half after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Because of that, our company went from being a high-tech one to a usual one in the industry, and I thought that cemented carbide was not at the forefront of the industry anymore. Of course, sales recovered to a certain extent, but I felt the growth of cemented carbide had stopped. Thus, we immediately strived to develop the next advanced technology.

I believe the lithium-ion battery market does not have any limits in terms of demand. The lithium-ion battery so far has no system to be charged at home or in a public, common space. With the production of lithium-ion batteries, a distributed charging system could be extended throughout society. This is the system the world wants to make. We would like the batteries to be utilized in homes or cars, and this is our immediate goal. And I’m focusing on batteries for hospitals and elevators because they would have urgent demand if natural disasters cause blackouts. Along these ideas, I founded Alloy Batteries Co., Ltd. in 2010 and we plan to start battery production in September, this year.

Company Profile

Alloy Batteries
Production and sale of bits for civil engineering and lithium-ion batteries