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1030 Goodfriend Workshop

CEO Jacky Luk Siu Lung

Hong Kong
Message to young people
Regardless of whether you decide to work under someone or decide to start your own company, it is important to ascertain what it is that you truly like. Discover your passions, have faith in yourself and have the determination to continue challenging yourself.

There isn’t much that has left an impression on me from my adolescence. If I had to name something, I would say that it was having been exposed to design in my high school years. This would change the course of my life dramatically. I was blessed to have been able to find something that I truly wanted to study and pursue passionately, and the five years of going to design school was a very enjoyable moment of my life. Once I started working, I changed jobs almost once a year. I think it was a period in my life when I had to undergo training to test my mettle. By exposing myself to a variety of industries and occupations, I believe that I was able to foster the ability to respond to things that were alien to me. I think that my ability to adapt to various situations can be traced back to the experiences I had back then.

After experiencing a whole host of different jobs, I realized that my ultimate objective was to create my own piece of work. I was able to see what it was that I was supposed to strive for after having undergone many career changes. In 2006, I was finally able start my own company.

When I started my own company, I did not even have an office, so I used my home as a substitute. I was able to obtain an office after the suggestions of one of my customers, but I realized that as my enterprise grew so, too, did the things that I had to worry about. What I learned then through those challenges was that it was important to solve “one thing at a time.” My personal experiences have taught me that if you try to make haste and go after several things at once, it will only compound the problem.

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1030 Goodfriend Workshop
Hong Kong
Product design and development