100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Integral Technology Co.

President Hirokazu Nishiura

Message to young people
No matter how small, cherish those little seeds inside your heart that can develop into a dream. Then one day, when you find one seed that you can become truly passionate about, put in all of your effort to let it grow.

A member of my family became terminally ill with an illness that could not be cured at that time, and I watched our family fortune whither away as we paid for the medical bills. I grew up watching my parents endure such hardships. My high school entrance exam originally did not go well, and I was placed in agricultural studies rather than the normal academic route. Since I was the eldest son, I believe my parents thought that it was ideal for me to pursue agricultural studies so that I could succeed the family farm, but unable to give up my dreams, I studied for one more year and re-entered the high school under the normal, non-agricultural studies route. I recall studying so much during my high school years that I'd rather not think about it.

My career moved from one company to the next. I started working in 1979 at a heavy-electronics research company. In 1982, I quit that job and began working at the engine department of an automotive company. I transferred to a research center of a chemicals company in 1992. Although my workplace changed in such a manner from one company to another, I was always in the same line of business, namely the computer-related and experiment-related areas. In such a unique line of business, I was able to make many friends and acquaintances, and was also able to serve as a Speaker both within and outside of Japan. I was also invited to be a part of a CAE network, where I met new friends who continue to be a source of inner wealth.

I decided to start my own company at the encouragement of my friend. A particularly vivid memory of that time is when the president of the company I was leaving said, "do your best." It was a happy step for me to become an entrepreneur because I was being supported by my friends and family.

When I launched my business I made a nine-year plan. For the first three years I would focus on technology development, the middle three on establishing a brand, and the last three on building up revenue. It was difficult for the company at first to get clients to purchase our products at the market price. However, after three years, an increasing number of clients were mesmerized by what we were capable of delivering, and I felt that I could go on to succeed with my employees.

I would like to go on to develop my company in to a brand. My objective is to have multi-national companies use our products, and also for our company to take part in Asia's development. We would like to be a company that continues to produce products that awe our customers. This has and will continue to be the ultimate source of pride and happiness for the employees of our company.

Company Profile

Integral Technology Co.
Osaka, Japan
Development and sales of CAE software