100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Kongo Corp.

CEO Takeshi Sadohara

Message to young people
Whatever you can imagine will surely be embodied. Imagine the future society in the background of where Astro Boy is flying. We still have so many things to do.

I have been a big fan of baseball since I was in my last year at elementary school. At that time, I used to go watch baseball games by myself. I also used to have my baseball philosophy, but I think it still has been working for me in a different way. During my student days, I spent time not studying but doing part-time jobs. I experienced a variety of occupations. After I entered society, I was wandering around trying to find what I wanted to do, but it was exciting to work in a company and I thought working was my mission. Among many tasks, what stands out most in my memory is the sale of shutters for hangars. It took about five years for sales, with some bumps and detours though. When I finally got the order, I could gain a sense of accomplishment.

The former president didn’t really say anything though, and I thought it depended on me if I could take over the position. In the flow of the business succession, my company had the timing where the will of the founder, my thoughts and the environment met each other’s demands, which was a trigger for me to become the company president.

When I became president, I had to change the ownership of the personal guarantee toward the loan from a bank. When putting on the registered seal, my hands were shivering, but I got prepared as I had no way to get away. I could do anything I liked when I was in second or third place, but I got serious and chose my words once I became the boss. I realized such was the big difference between first and other places. Also, based on the policy of my father, who was the founder of the company, I made a new policy: “Seii (loyalty), Soui (originality), Seii (impulse)” – to be loyal to the business, to be original and, the second “seii” is newly coined, to keep the spirits high.

As my company has been in business for over 50 years, we would like to assist not only the development of Japan but also the expected growth of Asia. Also, for our customers, we would like to develop more with confidence and pride as experts in the industrial door business, based on the set of “soft” (consulting) services, which have a proven track record that gains trust, and “hard” (production) services that we have so far developed.

Company Profile

Kongo Corp.
Production of shutters and garage doors, such as for warehouses