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Kurihara Eye Hospital

CEO Hideyuki Kurihara

Saitama Prefecture
Message to young people
Don’t wait for manna from heaven; look for chances out of your own accord and expose yourself to an array of cultures. Your enemy will always be yourself, and in this regard I hope that you will continue to effect positive changes upon yourself. Your surroundings won’t change unless you change yourself.

I moved to the city of Hanyu, Saitama Prefecture, when I was three. After attending Hanyu Elementary and Hanyu Middle School, I graduated from Kumagaya High School and enrolled in medical school. I loved to read books and read three to seven books every day during high school. Since around this time, I developed a strong interest in tanka (31-syllable verse), art, and history. I felt that I wanted to make a living through the quill of my pen, but decided to go to medical school after taking several factors into account.

What I thought was most interesting during my time at medical school was the organization of credentials, and after the recommendation from my seniors I decided to become an ophthalmologist. It was just around this time in 1975 when ophthalmology developed, and the rate of the field’s development was truly incredible. I believe that I am the person I am now because I had experienced and worked feverishly through this whirlwind of change.

“Change” more than “determination.” In 1982, I visited Tenri Hospital and the turning point for me was when I visited a certain doctor. The impact on me of the clinical undertaking that I saw before me was so great that it was as if the scales were falling from my eyes. Although it was a mere two weeks, I felt as if I would not be here today if it were not for this experience.

I would like to train as many doctors who will surpass me as possible. Nothing would make me happier if I could save as many patients as possible.

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Kurihara Eye Hospital
Saitama Prefecture
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