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Miura C.P.A. Office

CEO Miura Satoru

Kanagawa Prefecture
I hope that young people carry on living with a sense of fulfillment. Before you go to bed, I hope that you feel you did your best today. It is important to give one's full attention, no matter how tough and hard things are.

I do not have any good memories of my elementary school and junior high school. I was physically fragile, I was not blessed with a gift for arts or gymnastics, and my grades were poor. When I was in junior high school, my father died and I was in the depths of despair. At that time, one method of studying came to me in a flash. Thanks to themy unique method, I was able to pass the entrance examination of my high school and the certified public accountant examination. When I think back, that method is what my father left me from his life, I think.

My father was a freelance attorney, so I thought that I wanted to work like himfree-lance profession. Because I thought that my brother would be an attorney, I decidedided to become a certified public accountant who is an expert in the economy. Thus, I decided to become a certified public accountant. In high school, I heard the existence of this licentiate, so I resolved to be a certified public accountant without hesitation. After I passed and the certified public accountant examination, I wondered where I would work. At that time, it was usual to work in an auditing firm and only a few people worked in ordinary firms or practiced privately. I decided to work in the company (Toukei Computer) whose president was an accountant after receiving an introduction from the lawyer who was my father's acquaintance. At this time, I was driven by a feeling of insecurity that I worked as other people did not. However, looking back today, through my experience in this company, I can give advice that is different from other accountants'. Then, I feel I made a good decision.

The method of studying led to a fundamental change in my life. When I put this method into words, it seems hard to explain what it is. However, this great way brings ings good results soon. However, tThis method is for studying for examsination not for studying liberal arts. One more turning point was studying the I Ching. For about five years, I perused the Explanation of Hexagrams and Explanation of Horizontal Lines. Then I found that I was able to learn the full text by rote. Knowing the I Ching is knowing the way things change and through this it is possible to obtain subtlety in life that is not expressed with words. I do not use I Ching for divination, but that is the backbone when I make decisions.

We will make more efforts every day to do our best for the work at hand than to think about results, which . I believe will result in that long succession of doing so developings the best way before we knowknew it.

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Miura C.P.A. Office
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