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Logizard Co.

CEO Shigenori Kanazawa

It can be old-fashioned advice, however, I think it is normal that what people are crazily devoted to at the moment is not the thing that they originally sought. The time that people have is limited. From the very beginning, I would like you to devote yourself to the work in front of you for 10 years without question. I can only assure you that you will see new horizons after 10 years.

I have been an incomparable person who likes being a leader. I had always accepted whatever position with the term "leader." When I was a student, the years were during the bubble economy so I have no memory of attending classes properly because I was crazy about current events and business.

The last job I did in the former occupation was in the outlet business. From this experience, I realized that a company could make a stunning amount of cash by controlling inventory. Later, I left the company and I worked to help small and medium-size enterprises manage their inventory, which made me realize that they could not afford expensive information technology to help them take action. Most of the companies go bankrupt due to too much inventory. Soon after, I thought that the Internet will be an effective tool for providing IT at an affordable price. I met the current chairman of my company and he was working on the management system of warehouse inventories and I could put my business plan in place. That was the trigger to found my company.

At first, I believed that the business was going well, so I never thought that we would fall behind because there was no track record. In particular, people used to express their wariness of using the Internet, so it took a long time to make them understand that the products were safe. I learned many things from this experience. The breakthrough was in our results, where we could activate an urgent matter of a major parcel delivery service company in just six days. From this result, we could prove our well-qualified products in our business field.

I think logistics is a global business, and we actually receive many inquiries from around the world. Recently, we started with Thailand and achieved a satisfactory result with China. Now we are planning to set up a hub in Shanghai and have already hired some local employees to prepare the support system. We would like to help companies expand their business to the world by providing cloud services for logistics and inventory management.

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Logizard Co.
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