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Hiroshima Yasuri Seizojo

CEO Noriko Nakazu

Message to young people
In this age, when people get whatever they want if they pay money for it, I would like you to challenge making things from scratch and enjoy the deepness and pleasure of doing so. If you experience a feeling of accomplishment, I believe you can be confident in yourself.

I grew up surrounded by mountains and the sea. I was a simple and innocent child. I liked climbing the mountains and having a nap there by myself. I preferred leading people as I used to stand at the front of the line for morning exercises and enjoyed working hard to become the best in a club activity and the school race.

In those days, it was normal for women to go to two-year colleges and do domestic training. However, I strongly wanted to be independent, so I worked for a bank after I graduated from high school. As I started working earlier than others, I could learn a lot of things such as manners as a businessperson and the attitude toward work.

I had been told from the previous president that my company would have a social impact if I did not take over because our staff, business partners and customers make a living from our metal files. I was forced to decide whether I live for my own or for society, which led me to make a decision. Practically, I took over the company, but I recognize that I took over the will of the previous president rather than the company.

In the year when I became the president, the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurred. In the next year, similar products became available to customers. Due to these happenings, I had to deal with phone calls from customers. At the very start of my presidency, the staff members were aging. Thus I have been striving for human resource development in order to keep my company alive by recruiting younger manpower.

I am certain that creating products is developing human resources. Without a staff, we cannot make anything. Thus, I will keep striving to develop human resources and focus on the control of quality in order to be deserving of the confidence from our customers, which have been cultivated over a long time. The metal file is an essential tool to create things and it can be said to be "the original point of making things." Thus, I regard it as an indispensable item. Also, as the technology utilizing the particular skills of Japanese people is a thankless role for Japanese industry, it is our mission and social contribution to support it. We will keep making daily efforts for years to come.

Company Profile

Hiroshima Yasuri Seizojo
Production of precision metal files; metal files for guitars, stringed instruments; base materials for diamond metal files