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Neuron Network Co.

CEO  Koji Ishida

July 11, 1965
Osaka, Japan
Message to young people
The person who makes his dream come true is the person who does not give up and keeps striving for and pursuing his dream until it is realized.

I grew up in eastern Osaka. Neighbors always took care of me. I studied pharmacy at university but I had been determined to work in the medical field when I was in elementary school. I was weak when I was a child and hospitals were always close to me. I saw children with severe illnesses or injuries pass away at a big hospital and started to think of working in medicine to cure diseases.

After graduating from university, I started working at the sales department of a major pharmaceutical company. I chose to work in the sales department since I was thinking about running my own business.

The time I decided I had to change the Japanese medical system was when my daughter was born. She was born prematurely and she was blind, and the doctor told us she had a brain tumor. I cried every day, and I faced the problems in the Japanese medical system. There was no information about rehabilitation. We asked the administration how to get sufficient information and we were told we have to do it ourselves in the present circumstances. Since then, I started thinking how I could change the Japanese medical system.

We started with a few full-time workers and part-time workers and me in the white robe. The capital I obtained was from a loan and my termination pay. In the beginning it was difficult to keep employees working continuously for us and we had financial problems as well. After three years, we were nearly bankrupt. I explained the situation to the employees honestly and apologized to them that there was no way but to cut their wages. I was not sure how many people were going to quit, but in the end, everybody stayed. One employee told me: "You have treated us so well. Now it's time for us to return the favor. I'm going to follow you." I realized again the treasure I have is people, not money.

Five years later, I would like my company to be listed on the stock exchange and have a talented person take over my business. I also want to invest in research on regenerative medicine and cures for symptoms such as my daughter's.

I always have in my mind the idea that a business should be beneficial to the following four different groups of people: retailers, partners or cooperating businesses, patients or clients, and society. If one of them cannot have a benefit, there's no meaning in expanding my business. Cooperating with administrations and formulating a medical system that suits the country and creates lasting, positive impacts – that is what I look forward to achieving.

It has been 10 years since we started the project at Rinku Gate Tower in Osaka to reform the medical system for cancer patients. Our mission is to support so-called cancer refugees and make the Japanese economy more vigorous from the medical business side. Our core project is to construct a "Medical Town" that involves the entire community. There would not only be medical facilities but also facilities such as a culture center, restaurants and educational institutions.

Since we are close to the Kansai International Airport, I hope that we can attract more "medical tourism." By offering high quality medical treatment, we can attract wealthy patients who live in China. I hope we can also contribute to the community, since demand for accommodation for such tourists will certainly grow. With all of the expertise of the relevant parties, we will continue to brainstorm new and innovative ways to create a new medical business model.

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Neuron Network Co.
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