100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Polaris Capital Group Co.

CEO  Yuji Kimura

Message to young people
It is important to not be afraid to fail and strive for everything you can. Go forward to the next step with your dreams and ambitions.

Recently, I found out from the message I put in a time capsule that we buried when we graduated from elementary school that my dream was to be the prime minister of Japan. Although that was not realistic, since I was little I always had it in my mind that I would like to strive for something big. I faced problems and difficulties numerous times. Though every time I believed that a difficulty or problem only appears to the people who can deal with or solve it. It was a boost for me to have a strong will to overcome or break through the situation.

I established my company when I was 42 years old and kept on running and handling the business as a leader of the company. I turned 50 years old last year and finally I realized the importance of making a plan to train my successor and gradually hand over the management of the company. I believe self-innovation can be done by trying new things. Therefore, I'm planning to expand our business.

The recurrence of the entrepreneurial spirit and the practice of business model innovations are required of Japanese company managers. We cannot expect the Japanese market to expand anymore. We should pursue market arbitrage by expanding with the competitive ability we have, such as techniques, branding and services, to the Asian market.

My goal is to make Polaris Capital Group No. 1 in the buyout industry as soon as possible and finally to make us a world-renowned buyout firm. As a founder of Polaris, my goal is to have a life of watching Polaris grow and develop continuously and eternally. Also, I would like to contribute to society in terms of politics or education.

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