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Mahkotadewa Indonesia

Wuryaningsih Setyowati

Message to young people
Our health depends on what we eat; since our bodies are our capital, we must be wary of our diet. To become successful with such a healthy body in hand, you must always be optimistic and looking towards the future.

I born in a town in Yogyakarta in Central Java and grew up in a village. My mother was an elementary school teacher but she worked in the marketplace during the war. My father was a veterinarian, but my family was very poor. I still recall walking to school barefoot. This was when I became determined to become rich in the future and help people. When I was in high school, I took on just about any job so long as it was not a bad deed.

After working for three years at a health insurance company, I suffered from a brain concussion and I also broke five fibs. These two misfortunes made my body weak and feeble, and I often spent many days going to the hospital. The doctor recommended me both pharmaceutical drugs and Chinese herbs.

After being diagnosed by the doctor, I decided to create my own herbal medicine from Indonesian herbs. After taking my home-brewed recipe for a while, I no longer had to make visits to the doctor. At the time, my mother became ill and came down with vomiting blood. When I had her take some of the herbal medicine that I made, she suddenly became much better. I then realized that if I make Indonesian herbal medicine from Indonesian plants, it would eventually become a big hit.

When my mother was sick, I treated her with herb called Mahkotadewa, and it worked well. I knew that I had the golden recipe in my hands, and many people from media came to interview me. Unfortunately, things were not to be at the time, as our factory was devastated by an earthquake. Since the factory was destroyed by a natural disaster, the damage could not be covered by insurance and I found myself in debt even though I have never taken out a loan. Fortunately, things took a turn for the better when a pharmaceutical company decided to buy one of our product lines.

I would like to build a hospital that specializes in herbal medicine. I know that herbal medicine is acknowledged as a potent form of treatment in China, and that Chinese herbal medicine has spread to the four corners of the world. I hope to spread such a movement from Indonesia as well.

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Mahkotadewa Indonesia
Producing and sales of Indonesian herbal medicine