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PT Pronic Indonesia

Christopher E. Jayanata

Message to young people
Find a job in which you can do your best and concentrate on it. If you continue to concentrate, you will see success.

I studied at a Catholic school, from kindergarten to high school, called Regina Pacis, in Bogor. My parents were both well-educated in agriculture-related things, and I was heavily influenced by them. My parents taught me that I could "sell produce to people."

I studied architecture in university. When I was a university student, I became very passionate about business, particularly because I watched my uncle succeed.

The first time I started a company was when I was a fourth-year student in university. I registered the company in 1994 and it is still in existence to this day. What prompted me to start my current business was when, in 2001, Indonesia was importing many agricultural products from overseas that were lathered in chemicals. I knew that such products would be detrimental to people's health, and this prompted me to start this company, where we grow organic plants and vegetables.

I started this company with a clear-cut vision, but things did not go well at first since our competition was huge multinational companies. In 2004, we changed the brand of our company so that we could push our strength as makers of organic produce. Although we succeeded in making sound agricultural products, they did not sell well at first since most Indonesians look more at the price tag than whether the produce is organic. It was actually foreigners who were the first to buy our products.

I believe that now that consumption of organic foods is increasing, production of agricultural commodities in Indonesia will grow as well. Educating people about organic foods is no different from educating them about agricultural technology. I would like Indonesians to eat good food and be healthy. By doing so, our living standards will improve. It is my dream for people of the world to know about our fine, healthy foods, which we are growing in Indonesia.

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PT Pronic Indonesia
Production and sales of organic foods