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ShinIng Co.

CEO Yuno Osanai

Hokkaido, Japan
Message to young people

My mother gave birth when she was a teenager. My father's parents passed away when he was young and he could not have sufficient education. When he started working, he started to study at a part-time high school while raising me. I remember we had a lot of hardships including financial problems. When I entered high school, I had many different kinds of part-time jobs, and for me, those had a higher priority than studying. I met many people with different jobs and took on the challenge of new things I wanted to try.

In Japan, gynecologists and obstetricians, and the clinics where they practice, are getting fewer. That is the reason I started this business. To have a baby should be a pleasant thing and not an anxiety. Even though I'm not a doctor, I hoped to support doctors and pregnant women. Our company logo is called the "moon baby." The moon is inspired from the cradle, and it reflects the image of the moon supporting families, local governments, hospitals and companies all together. This moon is big and stable; therefore, babies can sleep well. Our wish is to be the "moon," to support and contribute, and that's the reason I started this business.

Sapporo started to have a perinatal coordinator since it is difficult to have sufficient perinatal care at emergency rooms at night. Telephone triage is a difficult mission. You have to determine the emergency level without seeing the patient and if it is necessary to send patients to the ER or a second or third emergency medical facility. Mistakes in decision making can be fatal. If you don't take on such challenges due to the degree of difficulty, however, nothing will change in society. We hoped to support this and, therefore, we started to receive consignments of the telephone triage from the local government. In Japan, telephone triage is still searching for the best way forward. I also stay in the office during the night to receive the calls. To systemize the telephone triage and start lectures to develop approved triage coordinators, I assume I will have many days without sleep for a while.

We hope that we can contribute to bringing peace of mind when our children give birth and raise children. Regardless of where you live, the level of medical service should be equal. I'm hoping to help bring these services nationwide in the future.

Company Profile

ShinIng Co.
Otaru, Hokkaido
Management consulting; operating medical coordinators; import and retail of food, water, groceries, magazines, books, liquor, medical equipment, medicine and cosmetic products