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Government Housing Bank

CEO   Khan Prachuabmoh

Message to young people
There is a saying, "Where there is a will, there is a way." Cherish your ideals in such a manner and be steadfast in going forward.

I lived in Thailand for the first 10 years of my life and then moved to Great Britain, where I would spend the next 17 years. In terms of knowledge, I believe that I was able to learn about two different cultures. I was taught to have perseverance, to be studious, to follow rules and manners, and to be punctual.

Upon graduating from university, I spent a year doing an internship in Great Britain and then went on to work in the United States. My experience working for a foreign bank in New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco has helped me in my present position. Afterward, I returned to Thailand and started working for the Thai Danu Bank. I climbed up the corporate ladder and went on to become the deputy CEO. There was a person above me so I did not become the top of my company.

It was a big decision for me to leave the bank where I had been working for a total of 23 years. Since I was unsatisfied with being stuck at No. 2, I requested that I be given the reins at my new company. This led to my inauguration as the president of my new company.

I often had difficulty with the factional divides among my employees. It was my job to arbitrate such disputes. I told them sincerely that I wanted them to think first and foremost about the organization in going about their business.

I hope that our company continues to serve the interests of the Thai people in the future. This bank has a history of 57 years and in this regard we have continued to help people for a very long time. It is our goal and wish to continue to spread our reach and be responsive to the needs of our people.

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Government Housing Bank
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