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Ohshima Industries Co.

CEO Yasutomo Ohshima

Message to young people
Always do what you dislike first

My childhood was spent playing baseball. As the best player of my age in Fukuoka, I was welcomed into Minoshima High School, a school renowned in the sport. I joined a new environment all by myself, but with a lot of hope and dreams. Unfortunately, this was quickly shattered. I was surrounded by players who were the same age as me but so much better, and I became ashamed of my skills, which did not even come close. I was discouraged, frustrated, and homesick. This was a school that regularly played in the Koshien national high school baseball tournament. Not only the school, but the town looked at how much you contributed to the team. I did not cry when my team lost, but when my coach, who had never praised me before, told me that I did a good job, I felt tears in my eyes and I knew that my baseball days were over.

I went back to Fukuoka after graduation. My father had gotten sick and I took over the family business. Besides construction, we started a transport business. I always told myself to do my best, or "ganbaru" in Japanese, and I put this word on our trucks to start a new Ohshima Industries.

I once received a letter from a family who were about to close their business when they saw our truck with the word "ganbaru." Seeing it as a symbol, they decided to give their business one more try, which turned out to be a success. They were kind enough to share their story and I never felt more fulfilled doing this business. I believe in fate, such as this story. I believe that my employees were destined to work for me. Out of all the companies in Japan, they work in mine and I feel that each employee is meant to be here. Similarly, there is a reason why I am the CEO. A relationship cannot be established by one person and I am always aware that I am only one half of this relationship between each employee and me.

Our business only requires getting our job done and there should not be any targets. We just need to do our best and provide the best service we can every day. Even if something goes wrong, something good will come out of it, and all we can do is stay positive and "ganbaru."

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Ohshima Industries Co.
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