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Lighthouse Info Service Co., Ltd.

CEO Takuo Hasegawa

Message to young people
The reason I started a business in Thailand is because I thought I would be able to contribute more to the society in a foreign country compared to Japan. As the process of globalization continues to affect the world, it is much easier to work in foreign countries than before. There is a large population of Japanese people in Thailand as well as many Japanese-affiliated companies. Also, there are many Thai people who like Japan. In such a warm background, I believe there are plenty of business opportunities for youngsters to exploit in Thailand.

I had been a very normal student, never having excelled in anything in particular. A transfer to a school in Denmark in my senior year of high school, I believe, was a crucial watershed in my life, for it generated a strong interest toward foreign countries. Following my graduation from an Australian University, I focused my interest on Southeast Asian countries. Having spent a year in Vietnam and seeing Southeast Asia from a different vantage point, I had come to question the Japanese people's perception of Southeast Asian countries. There was a trend to look down on Southeast Asia as opposed to the respectful sentiment toward the West, and I strongly felt the need to change that. That feeling of need urged me to become a journalist so I could have the chance to tell Japanese people in Japan what Southeast Asian countries were like. The belief that I could change how people view Asia by providing information is still present in our company's business as a study abroad agency.

We believe that through enhancing study abroad programs, those students can exchange live information about each country just like how TV delivers live information. Through the exchange of information, the opportunities to understand each other will surely increase, and will result in a better relationship between the two countries. This was the reason I had started the company and has always been our goal. The belief that I am contributing to bringing a better image to Japanese people's minds when they think about "what Thai people are like" is what has kept me going and will continue to be my source of motivation.

Company Profile

Lighthouse Info Service Co., Ltd.
Language school, study abroad support to Thailand and Japan, employment agency