100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Minegishi Corporation

CEO  Toru Minegishi

Saitama / Japan
Message to young people
Please do not forget to be thankful to people, things – everything. Though every battle or conflict creates winners and losers, losing is not the end. You can always learn from the mistakes that you have made, so please do not give up and continue getting up. By having a wide variety of experiences, you will be able to have the courage to move forward. If you keep moving forward, I am sure good results will come your way. Believe in yourself.

The reason I started this company was because an acquaintance of mine, whom I met 20 years ago, owned various real estate in Thailand and was quite informed about the real estate agency business in the area. I became interested in introducing places to stay for Japanese expatriates and that was the exact reason I had started this company.

For the first half-year after I started this business, I had close to zero inquiries about the business from clients and was forced to lie to my family that the business was going pretty well. Even during such an arduous time, I had always been thinking about what I had to do in order to achieve a breakthrough and go a step forward. I had always been looking for areas where I can improve, and was finally able to make an improvement in advertising, which brought immediate results. We had been advertising by placing small advertisements among many others, and were too often not recognized by our clients. But a placement of one big advertisement changed the situation and from then on our company started to gain attention.

I would like our company to be connected with three more countries. I am looking forward to the world we will see and the stories we will hear as well as the possibilities that lie ahead having business relations among three countries.

Company Profile

Minegishi Corporation
Rent, sale, purchase, management and consulting of real estate