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Lao Star TV

CEO  Sulaphet Keoviengkham

Message to young people
People tend to think that they are leading a harder life than others, but if you look around yourself and notice that there are people suffering much more than you, you will surely be able to overcome the difficulties you are currently facing. Every single human being in this world can choose his or her own way of living. Be patient and be ready for the opportunities coming your way.

When I was a child, there was nothing broadcast on TV but government-run TV programs. Though I was a little child, I had always wanted to create more enjoyable and entertaining TV shows.

When I had just started this company, I was always worried whether I would be able to continue running it. Employing human resources such as technical personnel and producers, as well as gathering the equipment needed, was expensive. At first, I could not get sponsors and had a difficult time paying back the high interest rates for the money I had borrowed. Three months after I started the company, we started getting better responses from the audience, gained more sponsors and the popularity of Lao TV soared. From that point on, we were able to broadcast entertainment programs such as Music TV, the kind that I had always dreamed of making.

Becoming an internationally known TV channel is my dream as well as the company's goal. We want to be a medium delivering news not only within the country, but also from abroad to the people of Laos.

Company Profile

Lao Star TV
TV production, broadcast (satellite channels)