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PT. Tridasa Prawira

CEO   Indra Adiwijaya

Message to young people
While you are in school, do not spend your time only on hanging around but study about the society and the world as much as you can. Not only in the classroom, but absorb as much information as possible from all sources. There will come a time when such experiences will help you when you go out to society.

My father was a military doctor so that our family moved frequently when I was a child. In fact, all my brothers were born in different places. I wanted to become a pilot when I was small. I didn't want to become like my father. When I was at university at the Institut Teknologi Bandung, I was blessed with a big opportunity. I won a scholarship to study in Japan. After graduating from Kanazawa University, I completed my PhD at Kyoto University.

After returning to Indonesia, I joined my current company. Looking back at the company's history, I found there have been some progress every five years. In the early days, I heard the company did whatever it could do to keep the company afloat. With the staff members playing various roles in the company, my job is to integrate them and to develop the company.

One of the reasons behind our success is that the board members are relatives. Because we are a family, we can discuss anything openly and do not need to hide problems. I would like to develop our business, but I am not going to be hasty in doing so. Unlike other companies, we will focus on the crane business for further growth.

For Indonesia to become a further civilized society, it needs to develop infrastructures for electricity, water and sewage systems and railroads. As the country is still in the process of developing, there are many plans to build a water supply system and power generation plants. So we are expecting a growing demand for cranes. Our future goal is to become the No. 1 company in this area.

Company Profile

PT. Tridasa Prawira
Jakarta, Indonesia
Engineer staffing