100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Lifenet Insurance Company

CEO  Haruaki Deguchi

Mie Prefecture
Message to young people
Do not think with the spoken language but instead use arithmetic (numbers-facts-logic), and I would like people to challenge themselves globally.

Ever since I was a child I loved to read books. On rainy days I would read all day. When the weather was nice I would go catch insects outside. After getting into law school, I was then inspired to become a lawyer, but I failed to pass the bar exam. As a backup plan, I interviewed and was offered a position at Nippon Life Insurance.

While becoming more familiar with finance, it gradually made me think more about the current state of life insurance. While working for the company, I worked as the president at the London corporate division and successively held a position as a manager for the international business division. I also acted as a leader by creating a new approach toward insurance companies. However, I was then assigned to Nippon Life's subsidiary and got more involved with life insurance. My involvement with life insurance then led me to meet a certain person. This person said, "Let's start an insurance company from scratch," and that was the beginning of starting this company. We established the tenets "simple" "reasonable" and "convenient" as our company philosophy and were supported by many people.

When we started, our goal was to get 150,000 contracts in five years. However, after only three years we had gotten over 100,000 contracts. In 100 years, our goal at Lifenet Insurance Company is to become the best insurance company in the world.

Company Profile

Lifenet Insurance Company
Tokyo/ Japan
Life insurance business