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City Computer Co.

CEO  Sumiyuki Kawahara

Wakayama Prefecture
Message to young people
At the age of 59 I still enjoy exciting challenges and I would like young people to challenge themselves to achieve more. Depend on the people around you and in return, take care of the people around you.

I was born in Wakayama Prefecture in a city now called Kinokawa as the first-born son and the youngest of four children. I was raised as the important eldest son in a very conservative town surrounded with farmhouses from long ago. But my father had a different job, so as a child and throughout university it was my job to take care of the farmhouse. No matter what happened, my father always told me to deal with it as the head of the household. My father was a very strict man, but I am very thankful now. Because of his teachings, I learned how to be patient and learned what it was to work hard and how to plan ahead.

Our company began in 1989 when a customer at that time inquired about their needs to us and we simply just wanted to respond to it. We had some doubts in the beginning, but when a customer called to ask when we were starting, without thinking I replied with a date and it all started from there. We only just formed our company, but we started medical care system sales, and from listening to our customers we also started a temporary staffing business. In a sense, it is our customers who made this company.

Around 10 years ago we bid and won a very difficult business matter. When we realized that there were many challenges to complete this project, everything seemed hopeless. However, after thinking long and hard, we thought of a way and went ahead and were able to complete it. When we completed this project, at the same time we were able to form a new connection with a new business partner. This led us to advancing into overseas markets. This experience made me realize that when people are cornered into a very difficult situation, if people think earnestly enough, then they will always find the way.

The two challenges I would like to undertake are to develop talented people from the next generation who we can depend on to take care of the company and to organize a hedge against risks where customers can feel safe. Also, I will continue to dream, no matter how old I get. I believe that I am still half the man I could be and it is my goal to continue to grow.

Company Profile

City Computer Co.
Data entry based overseas, scanning services, temporary staffing, medical-related system sales