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Minh Hung Plastics Co.

President  Dinh Manh Hung

Message to young people
Study hard. It is important to love your mother country, to have enthusiasm for your work and to knuckle down under any circumstances. I wish everyone's efforts will lead to a success in each job.

I was born to a farming family as the eldest son among seven brothers. I was a very active child. While studying, I also helped with farming chores. Due to the Vietnam War, there were few people who were blessed with the environment to attend university in my generation.

After graduating from high school, I joined the army. In 1975, Vietnam was unified and I received a discharge the following year. Around that time, I started to think that I wanted to be independent by establishing my own small company. And it was plastic products that I set my eyes on at first.

After the war, many building material sales companies were established by the government. My small company became a plastic pipe manufacturer, which is the parent organization of my current company.

At that time, Vietnamese banks did not provide financing to private companies. I scrambled for funding, mostly relying on my family connections. It was a hard time, as business expansion depended on increasing funding. Gradually, I raised funds and invested in new plants and equipment, which helped my company gain the trust of the government. Thereafter, the banks softened their policy and I received financing permissions.

We established a certain level of credibility domestically, which enabled us to receive large orders. We will continue to develop new products and environmentally friendly products in the future.

Company Profile

Minh Hung Plastics Co.
Manufacturing plastic pipes and adhesives