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Bao Long Medical Group

Chairman & president
Nguyen Huu Khai

Message to young people
I would like to tell Japanese young people about the hint to have success in your life. First, work hard to be a "human." Be a human, be a man of virtue, and then work hard to have renown. At last, be a wise man. Then the path to your life will automatically appear.

I moved to China to study Chinese herbs, herbal remedies and medicines. It was a turning point of my life and changed my life dramatically. I moved to China without the permission from the country and I met a man there. The man I met was an expert in martial arts, herbal treatments and acupuncture. I learned a lot from this person. Due to the war between Vietnam and China, however, I had to go back to Vietnam.

After I returned to Vietnam, I worked hard to spread the herbal treatments and acupuncture I learned from the man in China, although it was almost impossible in Vietnam to find needles for acupuncture. Even if you found them, they were way too expensive and I could not buy them. Sometimes I had to use guitar strings instead of acupuncture needles.

The herbal remedies healed many patients, and the rumor of my treatments spread immediately throughout Vietnam. Many people visited my place to get the treatments. Then the next problem I faced was that I did not have a doctor's license. I studied with younger people and graduated from high school. It took seven years in total for me to receive the certificate and the license. I was over 40 years old when I got the license.

I could overcome many difficulties I faced because I love my occupation and I have passion. I like herbal medicine, and I also want to help people suffering from illnesses. According to my strong will, I chose my occupation. I will not forget about the passion I have, and I will keep striving.

Company Profile

Bao Long Medical Group
Cultivating herbs and production of herbal medicines, spreading martial arts