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Box Industry Co.

CEO  Masahiro Tawara

Ishikawa Prefecture
Message to young people
People back in the day always said, "Heavy work in youth is quiet rest in old age." When you work hard toward your dreams and goals, there is always a time when you are tested and hit a wall. But I believe that when you do hit the wall or when you are tested, it is something that God has prepared for us so that we can grow and overcome the problems from this experience. That is why what I would like to say is, "Don't give up." When you do overcome that wall, you can see the next stage in your life, and with that experience, you are one step closer to your dreams and goals.

I was born in the city of Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture. As a child I was full of curiosity, always running about around the neighborhood. When I started going to elementary school, I became a member of the baseball, basketball and sumo clubs. It is in the sumo club where I learned about patience. At the intramural sumo tournaments, I would throw around kids who were twice my size and would get the grandmas who came to watch excited. In junior high, I was small for my age and quiet, and didn't stand out. In high school, I joined the badminton club and was a member for three years. In my senior year, I became the captain of the badminton team and was also the student body president. I learned the importance of listening to everyone's views and was strongly interested in leading people.

Prior to World War II, my grandfather founded the company, and my father inherited it and continued the business. I grew up watching my father work at the factories and would help out. As a child, I always thought I would follow in my father's footsteps. Now I take pride in the ability to have been able to follow in the footsteps of both my grandfather and father, and am very grateful to them for passing on the company baton to me. My father once told me: "You are free to do whatever you think is right. Live a life with no regrets and make your own era."

I worked under my father for three years. At 24, I got married and left my hometown, moving to Noumi, Ishikawa Prefecture. It was a fresh start for me. I didn't know my left from my right, but I built a factory and at that moment I realized that I was determined. When I was 34, I started a new business while at the same time expanding our business overseas. As the globalization of Japan progresses and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership influencing the future, many people will be affected and will go through hard times. In this global society, my goal is to act as a mediator, from regional areas to cities, and from cities to the world. I hope to help those in Japan.

Company Profile

Box Industry Co.
Mesh palette sales, used mesh palette sales and purchase, container ramp and logistics equipment sales