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Trung Nguyen Coffee

President  DangLe NguyenVu

Message to young people
Have dreams that are as bold as states. Judging from my experience, those who succeed have similar concepts. Please do your best.

My parents worked at a small brick factory. As a student, my grades were always very well relative to my peers. Being a quick learner may have contributed to my habit to think deeply about profound issues, much more so than ordinary people. When I was young, I often contemplated life very seriously. During my second year of high school, I realized that "there are limits that one can do in one's life," a sobering realization. When I thought about what I wanted to do with my own life, I eventually settled with the goal of wanting to help others. This led me to strive to enter, and eventually succeed in enrolling in a university where medicine is taught.

I think the people around me thought without a doubt that I would eventually become a doctor, but when I was a senior at university, nearing the end of my years as a university student, I became interested in coffee and started a small factory. As a result, I ended up gravitating towards the coffee industry after graduation.

At the time, Vietnamese coffee was a $2 billion enterprise, but I believed that it would become much bigger, to something around the lines of $20 billion. I was very suspicious of why a country with the world's second largest coffee production was stuck at such low levels of revenue. This made me realize that Vietnam has the potential of achieving high economic growth and becoming a powerful economy if only it would tap and improve its coffee sector.

The Vietnam of old days was not the free Vietnam that it is today; it was much more closed to the outside-world. When the government decided to change course and open up the country, I immediately turned my coffee venture into a franchise. I thought it was a brilliant business scheme to share profit by borrowing the powers of others.

Trung Nguyen Coffee will become Vietnam's first global brand. We intend to hit America's shores in 2012. Ten years later, we will become "the world's Trung Nguyen Coffee," a brand that the entire world will recognize. That is my goal.

Company Profile

Trung Nguyen Coffee
Production and sales of coffee