100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2012 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Shinko Plastics Co., Ltd.

CEO Hiroshi Kodama

Message to young people
In the past, the leading country of Asia had been Japan, which had established its superiority with its strong economic power, with Korea, China, and Southeast Asia following behind. With China's GDP surpassing that of Japan's and the development of other neighboring countries, Japan is on its way to becoming just one of the many Asian countries. To be able to establish itself within those countries largely depends on the power of younger generation.

I loved sports as a child, starting with karate and then baseball, going through intense trainings which helped me overcome my asthma and build a stronger body. I enjoyed mathematics in school, and my knowledge in math and chemistry helped when I started working in this industry.

After graduating college, I worked in a major insurance company for six and a half years. It is customary for newly graduates, especially males, to be placed in the sales department, but I found myself working in the finance department and familiarizing myself with bookkeeping. This experience resulted in my ability to read financial statements and company "numbers", something that I am very grateful for. After working in the financial department, I was given the opportunity to work in the auditing department and was able to learn the basics of accounting at this time.

When I started working for Shinko Plastics becoming the CEO was something I already had in mind. Being able to experience different positions before I became the CEO was extremely helpful. From merchandise control to communicating with consumers, I was deeply involved on-site and believe those experiences became the building block of my bottom-up approach to management.

Because I was vice-president of the company before my role as CEO, I was already prepared for this new position and did not feel a big difference between the two. It actually hit me when I saw how the people around me reacted. On my first day as CEO, the only thing on my mind was the future of the company and employees, when the first person I met congratulated me. It was then that I realized I had not even thought about being congratulated, because while an employee promotion is an achievement and a joyous occasion, it is different for a role such as mine. I always have trust in my employees and they continue to live up to my expectations, which greatly relieves a lot of the stress and problems that comes with the role of CEO.

My goal is to continue to grow as the front runner of the industry, product and company-wise and my employees feel the same way. To continue to evolve and improve - because I know we share this same beliefs and thoughts, there is no need to worry about the daily tasks which I am able to entrust to my onsite employees.

Company Profile

Shinko Plastics Co., Ltd.
December, 1950
Distribution of plastic sheets, films, raw materials, other related materials and plastic molding materials