Waseda Environmental Institute Co.

Founder    Hiroshi Onoda

Saitama Prefecture
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I lived in Paris from age 5 to the fifth grade of elementary school because of my father's job. I became fascinated with soccer ever since I watched the match between France and Argentina during the 1986 World Cup, and I always played soccer when I was little.

Near the end of the fifth grade, I came back to Saitama, Japan, and I captained each soccer team through high school. When I was in junior high, I played in the Japanese under-14 select team, and when I was in high school, I placed in the top eight in Saitama Prefecture. After I entered Waseda University, I played in the Waseda University Association Football Club, becoming a regular member in my third year and then chosen to be the vice captain in my fourth year.

I studied a doctoral course in the major in business design and management, creative science and engineering at Waseda University. In 2003, when I was in my first year in the course, I established the Waseda Environmental Institute Co. That same year, I became an adjunct at the grad school. After I completed the degree, I worked as a lecturer, and now work as an associate professor at the Waseda University Environmental Research Institute. I also am part of the nonprofit organization for the Promotion of Sustainable Society as the secretary general and the nonprofit Environmental Technical Support Network as the representative director.

I started the company because of professor Katsuya Nagata, the pioneer of environmental business, who suggested that we should commercialize our study findings on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Since we didn't have a concrete business plan or enough capital, we had difficulties for a while but kept running the business while thinking about how to succeed. Three months later, we finally got our first offer, from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. From then on, we got other offers. Only recently we could shape our business and now we can take on bigger projects.

Since social demands are shifting to environmental issues, I think we are approaching a crucial period

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Waseda Environmental Institute Co.
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