Panchona Corp.

President  Noriaki Aomatsu

Osaka, Japan
Message to young people
Japan’s decline in power has been talked about for a long time. However, in any case, Japan is one of the world’s leading economic and technology powers. You do not need to be bigheaded, but you do not need to doubt yourself or suffer from a sense of inferiority, either. Let’s compete in the world!

When I was young, all I did was play baseball until the sun set. I was such a blinkered child that I even believed I would never go to Tokyo throughout my life. When I entered a university in Tokyo, my experiences there really broadened my outlook.

My goal at the time was to become proficient in three languages. Determined to master English, I went to Canada to study abroad. However, what was in store for me wasn’t an English-speaking environment, which I had expected, but rather an environment where everyone spoke French. Studying French during my study trip to Canada – something I did begrudgingly – and taking the painstaking effort to learn English helped enlighten me to the tips and tricks that are useful in learning new languages. This eventually helped make me trilingual and proved to be an incentive for me to acquire more languages by traveling all around the world.

My career began at a trading company since I could speak three languages: Japanese, English and French. However, upon entering the company, my boss ordered me to learn Chinese, and I was forced to learn yet another new language. I pursued the task of studying Chinese in earnest as it was a part of my job detail. Thanks to my trading company, I was able to travel around the world since the company did business in just about every region of the world. Although my career began at a Japanese trading company, I soon quit and began working at a foreign firm. I then went on to become the CEO of a venture company. This is how I have been developing my career.

Through my experiences around the world, I realized that Japanese people looked at the world in quite a wrong way, which prevented Japanese companies from entering other countries. It made me feel chagrined and I thought that I had to help those companies negotiate on an equal basis with the companies in the partner country.

At seminars and meetings, I explain to my clients how to enter the market in each country, but it seems that my lecture may sound for them like a fantastic fairy tale. So they did not listen to me and just followed their domestic way of business when they expanded their business overseas, which often resulted in fiascoes. To convince my clients, there was no other way than for me to make an example of a successful company, one by one.

Besides helping Japanese companies expand business overseas, I would also like to help foreign companies enter Japan, which is a leading market in the world.

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Panchona Corp.
Management consulting, fundraising support and assistance in overseas ventures