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Head  Ko Shan-Chi

Message to young people
From time to time, try to do something for others.

I grew up in Hualien County in Taiwan. My father was a doctor and the governor of the county and my mother was a maternity nurse. I sought to become a doctor, following in the footsteps of my father, who dedicated himself to relieving people of pain.

After graduating from high school, I took the entrance exam to the medical department of the National Chung Hsing University but failed it. I entered the agricultural department instead, but I could not give up medicine, so I decided to study in Japan. I passed the exam to enter the medical faculty of Kagoshima University.

When I was an internal medicine practitioner, I examined a patient who suffered from joint pain throughout the body due to rheumatism. I administered general treatment for the ailment, but it did little to improve the patient's symptoms. I realized that modern Western-style drug therapy did not lead to a fundamental healing of rheumatism patients and I thought really hard how I could cure the patient. Next time, I tried a different approach, which was effective to ease the pain.

Also, I treated a terminal lung cancer patient, whose cancer was spreading throughout his body and was given only three months to live. The patient suffered greatly from pain and could not move. My Enrac treatment method allowed the patient to improve enough to be able to move a little.

I said to him, "Please use the rest of your life for other people." He trusted my words and spent time for others who were suffering. He lived for another 10 months in a fair condition. The patient told me on the phone that he was satisfied to live so long and wished to go on a trip with his family. He asked me for permission to go on the trip. I allowed him to do so, though, on the morning of the trip, he died.

This experience inspired me to ponder human life and led me to decide to help more patients by spreading my Enrac treatment method. Before long, I left my private practice and moved to Tokyo in 2002 to start the Painless Ginza Clinic.

I would like to teach my treatment method to doctors and other medical professionals who are interested in pain relief. Of course, I myself will continue to treat as many patients as possible. Medicine can treat patients, but the more important thing is that patients who recover from their suffering can contribute to society. I will continue to contribute through my medical philosophy to save the lives of people, who in turn will help the world.

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Painless Ginza Clinic / Enrac Japan Inc.
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