CEO Takahiro Kitano

Message to young people
Pursuing a dream or challenging something new always comes with risks. When you get older, you may feel more fear in stepping forward to achieve your dream because you have to protect more things. When you are young, you have little to lose and much time to get it back, which I think is the greatest advantage of youth. Now make your best efforts to try something new.

My mother never allowed me to miss school as she believed that going to school was like a job for children. So I went to school for 14 years, from kindergarten through high school, without any absence. That experience instilled in me the principle that it is important to continue what we do without giving up.

My ideal teacher was Mr. Matsui, who taught me physics at university. He would start his class with an experiment using ordinary goods, which attracted our interest. He would walk up a long slope leading to the campus without taking a taxi even though he was an old man, saying that he wanted to walk with students. I really liked his style.

I was not good at talking to people and that had worried me for years, but I had never made an effort to get over it. So I decided to take a step forward in a difficult situation and joined an education business. My boss at the time told me not to blame surroundings for problems. He believed that top-rate people could achieve something under any circumstances because they would change their surroundings however bad they were.

I chose the job of a cram school teacher because I wanted to face and confront people. But in reality, I couldn’t get enough time to spend with my students as I got transferred every year and spent a lot of time in moving from one school site to another. What I wanted to do was not to teach know-how for exams but to be involved in children’s growth through time and care. So I set up my own school.

The happiest thing for me through the operation of my school was to receive compliments from my students when they graduated. They said I was the most passionate and bright adult they had ever met, which impressed me a lot. It is also a happy feeling to see the current efforts and successes of the graduates in their own way.

I had several turning points in my life. The first was when I decided to join this industry to face and get over my weak point. The second was when I started my own business in the local area where my parents had established a relationship of trust. It was also a big turning point when I first hired new graduates because we would give them a start in life.

As an individual, I would like to provide students with more efficient and meaningful classes, and provide employees with a more challenging atmosphere. As an organization, we will, and must, keep our school as a place where students always smile and every single student is pursuing his or her dream with utmost energy.

Company Profile

Study support for primary, junior high and high school students; support for correspondence courses