CEO Wang Yong

Message to young people
I have studied and worked in various countries. This makes me feel myself fortunate. It is a very good thing for you to have various kinds of experiences when you are young. Even if it is a difficult experience, it will certainly be your asset in the future.

I had fights frequently with other kids, until around my junior high school days, because I had been influenced by the popular Hong Kong dramas of the time. But my parents told me, “Study, or you won’t be able to find a good job.” After we relocated, I went to a high school and studied hard. After I entered a university, I went to Japan to study. Initially, I studied at a Japanese language school in Nagoya and then entered Mie University.

In 1998, when I graduated from university, students had difficulty finding jobs, but I luckily entered NTT. I was assigned to a network-related position. But because I was long dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, I hoped to study more about management. That is why I quit the company three years later and decided to go to America to study. But three month later, I had to return to China due to a family-related reason. After spending one year with my family, I returned to the workplace. At that time, I became familiar with a company called CA Mobile and I established CA Mobile China. But I had not abandoned my dream of studying in America. So, I went to America again and I attended the University of Illinois and obtained an MBA in one year. Then CA Mobile approached me once again. I established a company, this time in the United States. But two years later, I decided to sell the company due in part to the financial crisis.

I was then thinking about starting my business in China. It was exactly during this period when DeNA came to me. DeNA was a very attractive company to me because I had been interested in the mobile Internet business and I remember I felt very happy about their approach. To expand into China, I thought it would be better to invest in a local company and I bought into TianXiaWang. We finally acquired the company and I became its CEO.

I have seen many Japanese-affiliated companies fail in their attempts to start businesses in China. I think the reason for their failure is that they could not fully understand the Chinese culture and problems related to the local staff. We fully respect the views of our local staff, so I think we have established good relations with them.

I would like to contribute to our parent company, DeNA, mainly by developing good games. My company’s target is to make TianXiaWang China’s No. 1 mobile social networking site.

Company Profile

Operator of China’s biggest mobile social networking site TianXiaWang