Osotspa Co.

Managing Director
Somchai Chaisuparakul

Message to young people
I feel quite a big gap between Japanese and Thai societies. Japan has a more advanced society. Behind that reason is the strong willingness to work hard as well as to strive. In that sense, I think there is no doubt that Thailand is one of the potential countries in which young Japanese should work and I think Thailand is a great place for the Japanese to take a lead in doing business.

When I was a child, I had never expected that I would become a businessman. When I was a student, my dream was rather to become a doctor. So it just never came across my mind.

I first worked for a foreign-affiliated company where I received a lot of good opportunities. After working for that company for decades, I moved to the current company. It was like headhunting. I believe that whatever you do, 70 percent of your success depends on how much effort people make and the remaining 30 percent is attributed to luck. Of course, it is necessary to make an effort but having luck is also necessary.

This company had been run by a family for nearly a century. About 20 years ago, managerial posts including my post became open to non-family members. I was one of the employees who were given such an opportunity. But unlike other people, I had no business model to follow. I don’t think business models should be copies of somebody else's. What I can say is that people can get knowledge from everywhere. I will do what successful people have done and avoid failed models.

Business consists of three key words; product, process and people. We must check if these three are well-organized or balanced, and see if there is something to improve. The balance of these three is important. If there is a problem, the key question to ask is how we can improve the three elements every day and we must work on them to solve the problem.

Our company is one of the top companies in Thailand that have a strong connection with Japan. We have maintained good relationships with Japanese companies. We also aim to advance into the Japanese market because I strongly believe that both Thai and Japanese companies can develop good partnerships. I also hope to keep relations with Japan in categories that we have not developed yet, as there are still many possibilities in Japan.

Company Profile

Osotspa Co.
Manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products and beverages