Goodyear Thailand Public Co.

Managing Director
Kongkiat Teekamongkol

Message to young people
From my work experience with the Japanese, I found that Japanese people are very disciplined and I think that’s a strength. Whatever job or company you choose in the future, please keep your opinions and be responsible for what you say. I wish you good luck.

I did not have clear goal or dream, but I wished to be an engineer because I liked science. After I graduated from the University of Florida, I returned to Thailand and obtained a master’s degree. When I was in the United States, I had many valuable experiences that I couldn’t have had in Thailand. Things I learned there have helped me in work as well as in my life.

I was an engineer and involved in the building of trains for 15 years. I also experienced sales. Then I was introduced to the current company and I decided to take the chance as I wanted to challenge a new possibility.

I first joined a section related to aviation tires for four years. Then I was asked to move to the commercial car tire section, which is the main product of our company. I accepted that offer because I thought moving to the core section was a big opportunity. I served as manager of the section for a year and was promoted to the president.

The difficulty I faced when I became a president was how to manage people. To achieve the company’s target, I think the most important thing is that the president let all employees understand the company’s policy and share the same vision. I think every president shares this view. What is good about Goodyear is that it gives opportunities for all the staff, regardless of nationality. Everyone is equally given a chance and the possibility to be promoted to the top management team. I, as a Thai, was able to become president of a subsidiary in Thailand, and the heads of other subsidiaries in Asia are locally hired staff.

Our company has 112 years of history. We have research centers across the globe including the United States, where hundreds of chemists and physicists work on research and development. Over the past year, we have applied for 72 technical patents and have obtained more than 1,000 patents since the company’s foundation. These figures show that we have striven to develop the cutting-edge technology in order to further improve the safety of our products.

Our future challenge is how we can appeal to our customers so that they will choose our products. As one such strategy, we have launched four sales offices in the last year. The objective for this is not only to improve the tires’ quality, but also to enhance the quality of service, which I believe will contribute to customer satisfaction. We plan to increase the number of offices in the future.

Company Profile

Goodyear Thailand Public Co.
Manufacturing of tires for cars, aircraft, etc.