Bonny International Co.

Managing Director
Bandhit Nilchiansakul

Message to young people
My message to young people is "Always be more creative from the beginning." Business will not be interesting if you do the same thing as other people. Create a new thing and do something that is different from what other people do. This will increase the possibility of your success, I think. The most important point is to be sincere toward customers, trading partners and employees, and keep promises.

My life was quite similar to those of other youths, but I sometimes studied jobs with my parents. Luckily, I liked their job and I thought it was interesting. My dream was to have a shop just like what I have now. I was then dreaming of opening a shop that carries any kind of travel-related goods. Separate from work, I was dreaming of traveling around the world.

When I graduated from school, business was shifting from first-generation people like my father to second-generation people like me. I wanted to take over his work and my parents agreed to my idea. By that time, I had experienced various jobs. First, I studied the manufacturing process and differences of materials at factories. Because I also wanted to have an experience as a salesperson, I worked at Central Department Store as a sales staff from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. to study sales methods. After that, I changed to management-related jobs. I worked as a marketing planner and experienced warehouse and distribution management, which was particularly interesting to me.

When I took up my post, my father represented my initial business model. My father is eager and he does what he says he will do. He does not give up anything halfway. He believes it is most important to be sincere and keep promises by all means. I was influenced by his idea that unless we have such an attitude, any business will not be successful. Because I was young, it took a lot of time for me to be able to exchange words with people who were older than me, and to establish relations of trust with them and to show my ability to them. While thinking whether I truly have an ability as a leader, I met various challenges. A big decision I made after I took up my post was to launch this business, the travel goods store. At that time, our business was the first store of its kind to be opened in Thailand. So, we continued a pilot test before the opening for three years. It was an important decision, I think, because it was the biggest store in scale in Thailand.

Our brand policy is to grow steadily as a regional brand rather than a global brand. We have just made the first step as a regional brand. We have no idea of expanding our business globally right now. We would like to expand our business abroad as extensively as possible in the next five years. We already export our products to some countries and I think we have got a good rhythm.

Company Profile

Bonny International Co.
Manufacture and sale of leather products and travel-related goods