Pegasos Electra Co.

CEO Motohiro Yoshikawa

Message to young people
Nothing happens if you don't do anything. When I was a teenager, I used to contemplate my future under pressure from my parents and teachers, but eventually I ended up doing nothing special, with no particular dream. Then I decided to stop taking it so seriously and was determined to become a company president by simply envisioning what kind of man I wanted to become. The field of industry didn’t matter to me. I just started to take actions toward it. Moving forward based on what I decided was more important to me than preparing backup plans. I hope that young people ask themselves what they actually desire in the future and venture for it without worrying too much about various risks and problems.

I was the youngest of three children, a spoiled and free-spirited child. My mother wholeheartedly educated me and she was always supportive about all that I did. In high school, despite my mother's efforts, I became a delinquent, which is generally regarded as a “defective” in society. Actually, what I learned in this adolescent period became significant experiences for the rest of my life.

I started working as an ordinary employee at first and I really hated my job, always complaining about the company and my supervisors. One day, I submitted a report full of straightforward opinions directly to the president. The following day, unexpectedly, I was assigned to lead a new project division as if the president were examining my capabilities. It was the beginning of chaos. My staff didn’t follow my instructions and sales didn’t improve. Through trial and error, it took three years until I could finally make an accomplishment in the business.

After the success, my dream finally came true as the project division was incorporated and I became president of the company. However, I realized my dream was not to become a president of a subsidiary company, so I acquired all the shares to launch an independent company.

At the beginning, everything went well as staff and profits carried over from the previous business. But it didn’t last long. The staff started to leave one by one and sales continued to fall. I took my stress out on the staff. I misunderstood the difference between being a president and being a dictator. I also realized how much the parent company’s credibility made all the business possible back then. Later, I sold the company and launched a new one. But again, I repeated the same mistakes. Today, there is only one original staff member still working with me. He is a very important existence for me.

Everything I have now is the result of my strong determination and actions to become a president. No one, even Olympic medalists, can do very well from the beginning. I think people can only achieve their goals when they have unshakeable determination with continuous efforts and actions. I am still far from being a professional business manager, but I will continue my efforts to achieve the company’s ultimate goal.

Company Profile

Pegasos Electra Co.
Development, engineering, manufacture and distribution of seawater desalination devices and water purification devices that use solar or remaining-heat energy. Development, engineering, manufacture and distribution of pumped laser systems that use solar energy.