Saturno Music Production

CEO Venancio Vehnee A Saturno

Message to young people
You cannot achieve anything without hard effort. I have worked twice as much as and as hard as others have, giving up my holidays because I had a dream that absolutely had to be realized. I could make it come true owing to such efforts. Make sure that the most important thing is to try hard in whatever you will be doing in the future.

I was born as the first son of 10 children. My father was a carpenter and farmer, and I always helped him because I was the first son. As it was very hard and tough, the last thing I wanted to be in the future was a  carpenter or a farmer.

I began to write music and to apply for amateur composing competitions when I was in high school. I won a prize in a small competition first and then gradually in bigger ones. I spent more time and effort on composing after realizing that I had the talent.

Being successful as a composer, I got interested in producing musical activities. I studied production management for five years in parallel with my composing activities and then decided to establish a studio with the latest facilities. At the planning phase, the exchange rate was 30 pesos to the dollar, but it unexpectedly increased to 50 pesos to the dollar at the time of payment. While I was in trouble financially, some people offered me help as business partners, which was very good for me. The studio was completed thanks to their help and the operation has been going very well.

My success as a producer was made when a cover of a popular Japanese song (by Hideaki Tokunaga) in Tagalog was released. The song sold more than 30 thousands copies, which became a big hit at that time.

I am now successful enough in the Philippines, so I would like to advance overseas. I will keep moving forward, remembering to always try hard.

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Saturno Music Production
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